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BOOTSTRAP Ideapad (Notion Template)

Julian Paul
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Gather, rank & prioritize your business ideas. Focus on the right ones at the right time. 

This Notion template allows you to rank any idea you come up with according to their highest ICE Ranking. The ranking is displayed at 1. The right of each stage and 2. Individually shown on each card. As you start working on the ideas, you can easily start moving the cards around to reflect accurately how far along you've come with them. Ranking and scoring your ideas works like this (don't worry about the calculation → it's AUTOMATED & RANKED for you with the highest first!):

  • Impact (1-10) → How big is the potential impact of the idea?
  • Confidence (1-10) → How confident are you that this idea is going to work?
  • Ease (1-10) → How easy is it to implement?
  • = ICE Ranking (MULTIPLY ALL)

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” – David Allen.

Don't wait to write down your ideas. Add them immediately to the 'No Idea Stage' and sort them at the end of the day, when you've had time to reflect and work on what's important. Your attentional space is precious. So, fill it with the right things!

How to use BOOTSTRAP Ideapad

The Notion template works on a MACRO level for tracking and making sense of different business ideas as well as a MICRO level for each business and the plethora of little ideas associated directly with each. My suggestion is that you use it in either of the 2 ways.

BOOTSTRAP Ideapad is FREE - or pay whatever you want. 

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FAQ's & About Julian Paul

Don't know Notion? Here are some quick answers & how to use it? Head HERE

Any general inquiries or questions, please DM me on Twitter @itsjulianpaul!

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BOOTSTRAP Ideapad (Notion Template)

4 ratings
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