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BOOTSTRAP OS (Notion Dashboard)

Julian Paul
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Bootstrap your way from idea to business.

Easily execute your dream business with 1 proven step-by-step plan and process👇

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Why you need BOOTSTRAP OS

  • PROBLEM → Entrepreneurship is messy. And your business is scattered across various Google accounts and 20+ files. Enough.
  • SOLUTION → One single Notion workspace that guides you from A to B. BOOTSTRAP OS takes care of the process and plan for you.


My mission is to provide you with the most effective guide for getting from idea to business. I designed BOOTSTRAP OS to guide you all the way from nothing to Idea to MVP to business: in 4 Stages. These stages define the typical linear lifecycle of any business. By following them, you won't skip any vital steps and work more effectively:

  • Pt.0 → Foundation (7 templates)
  • Pt.1 → Idea to Concept (5 templates)
  • Pt.2 → Concept to MVP (6 templates)
  • Pt.3 → MVP to Business (6 templates)

BOOTSTRAP Pt.4 → Business to Funded (COMING SOON! All future updates included)

What you're saying...

""BOOTSTRAP OS is the perfect tool to start a business idea. It shows all the vital steps to take an idea to a business with a clear structure. No need to search for videos or articles anymore because BOOTSTRAP OS contains everything, even if you need to learn it first."." - Simon Ashwood from lowkey-society.store

"There is no better way to learn entrepreneurship than to actually do it. And now there is no better way to get equipped for your journey than BOOTSTRAP OS." - Nazareno Clemente from Harbour.Space

"Great Notion space to bring your business ideas to the next level. Organize your work and achieve your goal effectively. All in one place!" - Felix Wong from ventureslist.com, zlides.co & abstractlab.co

Who is BOOTSTRAP OS for?

  • You, who has tried and failed many times at building something successful want to stop jumping ahead.
  • You, who wants to master best practices in rapid business building and get it right.
  • You, who is chaotic and in need of an organized step-by-step process & plan.

FAQ's & About Julian Paul

Any general inquiries or questions, please DM me on Twitter @itsjulianpaul.

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BOOTSTRAP OS (Notion Dashboard)

9 ratings
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