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FOUNDERS Decision Tracker (Notion Template)

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Get clarity when you don’t know whether to stick or quit by growing catalog of decisions that are true to yourself.

This decision tracker is for bottom-line decisions. It is not meant to track your everyday decisions. That said, it is most helpful when you are on the fence or about to spread yourself thin by focusing on too many products at the same time. It's for the hard decisions you are not 100% sure about, although it’s also recommended to track high-conviction decisions to for contrast/a point of reference. All you need to do is listen to your heart as you go through the decision tracker. It will lead the way.

How to use FOUNDERS Decision Tracker

Its fairly simple → hit the toggle down on the right top side of the database and first define what you want to decide “Doing…”. Then move onto fill out everything top to bottom. If you need any guidance, simply fill out the all the fields by taking consideration how you feel/the internal state of your heart (listen to its reactions). The “outcome” dropdown is at the top, but it should be the last field you edit.

FOUNDERS Decision Tracker is FREE or pay whatever you want.

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FOUNDERS Decision Tracker (Notion Template)

0 ratings
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