FOUNDERS SPA Treatment (Notion Template)

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Prioritize your potential customer segments and early adopters to know which to tackle first, next & later.

The point of a SPA Treatment is to map & prioritise your customer segments and the early adopters within them. The table below is already pre-filled for a point of reference, so delete the examples at will… Your results will show your understanding of the market overall, so make sure you are going macro to micro from customer to early adopters. Aim for at least 15-25 items in your SPA Treatment before you move on.

How to use FOUNDERS SPA Treatment

The SPA Treatment is then applied onto your customer segments and early adopters. ↓

  1. Size of market → 3=large, 2=fair, 1=niche
  2. Price → 3=high budget, 2=fair budget, 1=low to no budget
  3. Access to early adopters → 3=minutes to hours, 2=will take some time, 1=will take weeks

Then, based on your highest score, you know which Customer Segment and even more importantly, which Early Adopters to prioritise first.

FOUNDERS SPA Treatment is FREE or pay whatever you want. 

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FOUNDERS SPA Treatment (Notion Template)

0 ratings
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