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Julian Paul
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Drive your macro momentum. Week by week.

Purpose requires discipline. Results require consistency. We make big bets every single day, but fail to translate them into wins. Tasks shouldn’t be a burden. They should help us carry a higher cause whilst having fun in the process. Knowing why you do is equally as important as knowing where you want to be.

How does it work?

Intentions and desired outcomes quickly attach meaning to our tasks. Here is how to frame TIDO's:

  • TASK → What you want to get done.

  • INTENTION → Why you are doing it. (Past/Current Self)

  • DESIRED OUTCOME → Where you want to be as a result. (Future Self)

When thinking in these terms, tasks turn from action items with little meaning to thoughtful quests filled with purpose.

And that's it. More details and the psychological basis are outlined in the template.




Why Notion?

It's a simple and easy way to launch a prototype and build an email list.

What's the plan?

In 2022 TIDO will soon become an iOS app, with a nifty way to build habits. If you have downloaded it, you will get notified once it exists.

Is it really FREE?

Yes. The app will have a paid aspect to it. This template will remain FREE until launch. If you would like to buy me a coffee to say thanks, you can download it with a tip of say $5 :)

Who are you?

I’m Julian, a Bermudian-born Austrian. My background connects both sound engineering and startups. I am in love with House music and even more obsessed with building digital products. 3 topics echo across everything I do:

  1. Process Design

  2. Product Development

  3. Holistic Brand Experience

You can check out my writing and more here: https://julianpaul.me/

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tido.today (Notion task manager)

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