worthy.domains (Airtable Template)

Find the domain worthy of your next big thing. Even in 2021 👇

Rethink how your domain research works: first, decide on the domains you find worthy, then check their availability. Not the other way round... No more lengthy research on outdated registrars and 100s of shitty results.

Supercharge your domain decisions today!


Naming and domaining is becoming increasingly difficult because of limited supply. Luckily, there are more thatn 1000+ Top Level Domains (TLDs)/extensions available.

Traditional domain search tools have a problem: either they do not display certain extensions or simply suggest horribly irrelevant ones. Take GoDaddy or Namecheap for example. Absolutely useless. - Julian Paul

I have curated a selection of 65 TLDs (you can add any you want to expand this list). These are the most relevant domains Founders, Makers, and Indie Hackers build their next projects with.


Why do you need this?

You want to find whether a domain name you have in mind is available or not, but do not know the relevant TLDs or where to find them. worthy.domains gives you a quick overview of domains you will love. All without 2+ open tabs, multiple different searches and no relevant results (most registrars put high ticket sale items like .com or .net domains at the top).

How does it work?

wrothy.domains helps you find the domain worthy of your next big thing systematically.

First, you type in the name you are searching for. Then you will automatically be presented with all of the full domains. And all you need to do is check their availability. AND VOILA YOU ARE READY TO BUY!! Right in Airtable.

What's in worthy.domains?

✅ 3 Tables in 1 Airtable base you will own.

✅ 65 of the sleekest TLDs in the world (add any you want!).

✅ 10 of the most exciting blockchain domains.

✅ Custom script to instantly check TLD availability (+ API only).

✅ Sorting logic via views to determine the most relevant domains.

✅ Instantly buy the perfect domain for your next big thing.

✅ Cities & more incoming w. future updates.

Disclaimer: scripting is only available in Airtable FREE until September 2021. After this, a  Pro Account will be necessary (Trial is always possible, Student Discounts for at least 6 months are also available via student emails).


About Julian Paul

It's awesome to have you here. I built this product because I was always checking multiple different services to find specific domain availabilities. And I always forget the awesome TLDs that might be relevant for my next project. 

I got fed up with what's out there and built this tool to help me every day to find the right domain for my next project. I hope you enjoy it and get as much value out of it as I do!

In the past, I have launched BOOTSTRAP OS, tido.today, and usecase.tools.

My life's mission is to help you do more with less by building problem-solving micro products with #nocode.

Let's connect on Twitter via @itsjulianpaul!



Is there a refund policy? Yes. 24hrs guaranteed.

Can I share my purchase with others? No. This is for you only.

Is there a long-term plan? Yes. Get the product to stay in the know!

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worthy.domains (Airtable Template)

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